Make potential available through sharing

Make potential available by letting candidates own, reuse, sharpen and share their recruitment data.


The TalentAd – an ad about you… No need to redo, re-test or re-take every recruitment process. Share and get searchable.

Let´s look at it from a candidate perspective:

Step 1

Hi! I´m Stella! I would like to get offers that really fit. So I´ll answer some questions about my previous jobs, a short questionnaire about myself and other stuff that make sense. It´s easy and I can do it on the go.

Step 2

Based on all my data I will decide what should be searchable for the recruiters. The data that I would like to have visible will work as my TalentAd – an ad about myself.

Step 3

My TalentAd is now done and out there. Instead of the ordinary way of applying to companies, recruiters will apply to me instead. I will decide how my data is searched and I can share it that way I like. Pretty smart!

And from a recruiter perspective.

Step 1

So let´s say I´m looking for grads to my global graduate program (doesn´t have to be grads of course)..

Step 2

I´ll enter my criteria like hard skills, the offer that I have and also psychometric data like personality traits.

Step 3

The AI will give me advice on what to search for, and present TalentAds according to my success profile. Now its up to me to ask for contact and get ready for my interviews. No drop-out rates, no candidate experience metrics, just easy searching.

Candidate sharing

Let’s say you need to hire. At JobAgent we will help you with easy-to-understand AI and give you some really good advice on what to search for and how to select. Our AI will instantly screen through all active and passive candidates and give you real-time analytics before you select who to go forward with. It’s like having a really really good Talent Acquisition colleague that always got your back and that never gets tired (but who you unfortunately cannot drink coffee with).

So, our smart matching machine will create an algorithm based on hard skills, psychometrics and preferences. We will guide you and set everything up. What else? You might not even have to post an ad, if you’re lucky we have all the candidates screened and ready for you and you can apply to them instead. And if not – you can post an ad based on your success profile and the best thing is: Every candidate has the possibility to save, share and make their recruitment data available on their terms. Increasing potential should be done through candidate driven sharing. Don’t you agree?

Talent Board

Search among candidates based on their hard skills, preferences and psychometric data, then ask for contact. (Think about recruitment but upside down – you are applying to a candidate)


Job Board

In case you can´t find what you are looking for – Publish an ad and get candidates shortlisted according to your success profile of hard skills, preferences & psychometrics.  (Perk: Your candidates will be able to reuse their data in case you two don´t match).

We use easy-to-understand-AI, no black boxes here.

The platform is packed with some really good best practice for how to source, select and recruit. Say you want to hire and you have a pretty good idea on what you are looking for.

The JobAgent AI will instantly search through our database and tell you what to do. Advice like ”this will happen if you lower the educational level”, or ”are you really sure you only want to search in these job areas, have you thought about these ones?”, or ”seems like you are not putting that much weight on getting detail oriented candidates – wanna add this in?”.

So, this is no machine deep learning where we cannot really get what’s going on, our AI is more like having a really good Talent Acquisition colleague giving the best tips and tricks in the business, and this colleague never gets tired – ever.

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