JobAgent® – Making potential available

Don't search for jobs, let the jobs find you!

(Obviously for free)

JobAgent® – Making potential available

It shouldn´t be a full-time job to apply for a job.

At JobAgent, you make an ad about yourself and let the companies find and apply to you instead of the other way around. Our smart system will help you on the way, and you never have to redo anything again. Sit back and let the offers come to you.

Well of course, if you want to you can search amongst +30 000 jobs as well (in the old classical kind of way)

How does it work?

Create an ad about yourself

Time to search for a new job? Skip CV, personal letter and boring job-ads – it´s time for the job to find you instead!

JobAgent helps you to be visible on the job market through a TalentAd – an ad about you. For us, your personality and your skills are more important than your degree and your title. There is a perfect job for you out there, and we are gonna find it!

How does it work?

Recruiting in a new way

Instead of posting an ad and wait for the right person to apply, you can apply to talents directly instead. Just as easy as looking for artists and songs on Spotify.

Statistics show that personality and behaviors predict if someone will succeed on their job. JobAgent gives employers the opportunity to find candidates on what actually matters.

Free to use

No costs at all for you as a candidate. Just get going!

Use BankID

Login to the system using your BankID. Be secure and safe!

Get matched

Explore job opportunities you didn’t even knew existed


Choose what offers that fits, and go only on the interviews you want

About us at JobAgent®

Our starting point is that the labor market doesn't work anymore

People and job opportunities should be able to find one another in an easy way. With focus on what actually matters; Bringing together all the potential that exists.

What if, with the help of some smart AI and some collaborations with leading assessment companies could make it easier for jobseekers to make themselves searchable for the right job offers and at the same time help recruiters make better hiring decisions?

About us at JobAgent®

Meet our awesome team

Björn Elowson

The Psychologist

Björn is a licensed psychologist and has a background as a consultant in the selection and assessment-space. He has been working with clients all over the world with everything from second opinions of CEOs in Sweden to assessment centers in China, to developing automated career guidance in London. Björn is known to be extraordinarily interested in how technology and psychology will blend in the future – despite his interest he is not able to actually see into the future.
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Mats Wernheim

The Entreprenour

Mats is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience from SaaS, recruitment and staffing companies. He was the founder of the staffing company MAYDAY which later became ISS. The founder of JobAgent in 1999 which became Want. He is also the founder of the SaaS-company ZeroLime and also the founder of the inclusion and diversity initiative Jobbfestivalen. Mats would probably be known as the most visionary person there is and probably the most visionary person that has ever walked the earth.
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Viktoria Flygare

The Recruitment-Expert

Viktoria is one of the pioneers in Talent Acquisition in Sweden. Since the end of the happy 90s she has combined recruitment and communication expertise to develop new concepts and processes. She has held positions as advisor, project- and HR-manager. She has created talent- and career platforms, built inhouse recruiting teams and done strategy work for multinationals as well as start-ups and the public sector. So if you ever get stuck (no matter if it´s strategy execution or recruitment guidance) well, she´s the one to ask. Like asking google except this time, ”google” is alive and speaks back!
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Fredrik Niemelä

The Tech-Guru

Fredrik was one of the few that built Spotify from the ground. He later become Product Development Director at Spotify where he was directly responsible for all product development efforts to consumers, including the Spotify client, web site and new platforms, coordinating between all stakeholders regarding product development. Fredrik has also been the architect behind the assessment platform Ascend (owned by Assessio), and also the founder of the coding-assessment company Kattis. Fredrik can easily be spotted since he almost always carries a cowboy hat.
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Frida Bredesen

The Super-Designer

Frida has been working as a freelance designer for the last 3 years running her own company from scratch. She has been working with design including web, UI, UX and everything in between. One could almost say that she has a magical power – everything she works with turns out all nice and graphically beautiful. So imagine that someone would ask her ”Hey! We have this super innovative platform, packed with some smart AI and more. Could you make it extraordinarily nice and user friendly?”. Well we already know her answer..
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JobAgent® Personality Indicator

Din personlighet på 1 minut

Svårt att beskriva dig själv? Svara på 5 snabba frågor i JobAgent® Personality Indicator, så hjälper vi dig att beskriva din personlighet och dina styrkor - for free!

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you wanna explore your potential, find your next colleague, discover new job opportunities or just get a really good-looking CV done automatically?

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