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Get inspired by JobAgent – An article from JobTech Development 💻


Written by JobTech Development

The Swedish HR tech company JobAgent matches jobseekers and employers by highlighting the candidate’s personal qualities rather than previous experiences. With the help of JobTech Development’s APIs, the company has developed and improved its platform and received ideas for new, innovative solutions.
JobAgent helps job seekers to introduce themselves to employers beyond the traditional resume format and matches them with recruiting companies. Via the company’s platform, an “advertisement” is created that highlights the candidate’s personality and skills, in addition to education and previous work experience. The content is made accessible and searchable, so that recruiters can contact the person in question, instead of the other way around. Candidates can also apply for advertised jobs via the platform.

In the work of developing the digital matching service, which has been on the market since 2019, JobAgent has benefited from open data and technology from JobTech Development.
“We use the APIs to develop and improve our platform, but also to create new innovative solutions. It’s incredibly good! ”, Says Björn Elowson, founder and CEO.

So far, they have mainly benefited from the JobSearch, which provides access to all ads in Platsbanken and makes it possible to match JobAgent’s users with advertised jobs. But it is only a matter of time before you will connect additional APIs, Björn explains: “We are currently looking at the possibility of using JobTech Taxonomy and JobAd Enrichments, both to get sharper matches and to develop completely new solutions.”


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