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JobAgent Personality Indicator – How it works

Written by Björn Elowson

We have built a personality test that we call the JobAgent ® Personality Indicator. You can probably hear from the name that it gives you an indication of how you are as a person. The test takes about 1 minute to complete, and it involves you having to choose between different statements about yourself. But how does it really work? We'll tell you!

JobAgent® Personality Indicator is based on what is usually called the five-factor model. It is the most widely used model for describing personality, and the model assumes that people can be described on the basis of five major personality traits:
  • compas Openness
    Describes how open you are to new experiences, trying new things, being creative and using your imagination.
  • work Work Style
    Describes how you relate to structure, planning and performance.
  • star Extroversion
    Describes how much energy you get from meeting new people and how you experience social contexts.
  • thumbs Communication Style
    Describes how you communicate with others and how important it is to agree.
  • stability Stability
    Describes how to deal with stress, pressure and how your emotions affect you.

In most personality tests you need to answer about 100-250 questions, and in your report you can see where you end up within these five personality traits (often you get much more than that, but in general it is what you can read in your report). But we at JobAgent ® want to help you describe yourself and your personality without taking up your whole day. That’s why we developed JobAgent ® Personality Indicator that directly shows these five personality traits and you get to choose what feels most “you”. If it is the case that you do not recognize yourself in your results, you can of course do the test again. And again. And again. No limits!

But you, we also have large, more in-depth tests in our platform. It is not we who built these but our partners have been kind enough to share. Among other things, we have a test that takes about 15 minutes and describes in more detail how you are as a person. We also have tests for logical thinking, problem-solving ability and multi-tasking. You can download your test results and really delve into how you are and what you should think about. Your results may even show things you did not even know about yourself, such as how you act as a leader! Awesome, right?

Do you think it seems like we have a lot of things related to your potential? How nice!

We think that you should have the opportunity to describe yourself based on how you really are, not just your title or your education. You are more than that, you are you!

Try JobAgent® Personality Indicator without logging in!

Go ahead, a little sneak peak at everything JobAgent has to offer. Absolutely free and you do not have to enter your email to see the result. Do not forget to share with a friend!


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