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MAX for sustainable recruitment – new collaboration with JobAgent

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Written by Sofie von Krusenstierna

Not many people could have guessed that the hamburger chain from Gällivare would be the first to come out with digital order screens, but time and time again MAX Burgers from northern Sweden surpasses themselves and it is clear that the chain is at the forefront when it comes to technical development. Now it’s time for the next step and MAX proudly describes how they have introduced machine learning into their recruitment processes. With the help of tech startup JobAgent, their candidates will now always have the door open for a successful career.

Smart technology improves the MAX recruitment process

“Thank you for your application. We have chosen to proceed with another applicant, but we are happy to save your information for the future. ” A short and impersonal answer to someone who has put in a lot of time and high hopes for a positive future. We have all stood there and we have all been equally sad and disappointed. Applying for a job is far from a trifle and all too often it leads to a repetitive process where the CV, personal letters and personality tests are written and sent over and over again. Charlotte Zetterlund, HR manager at the MAX restaurant chain, has had enough of this destructive approach.

“First of all, it is extremely stressful for the candidate and secondly, it leads to a negative last contact with us, which feels extremely sad. Often it is not something the candidate has done badly or is missing, it’s just that we receive so many incredible applications that we can not say yes to everyone “describes Charlotte Zetterlund.

The idea of avoiding closing the candidate’s career door and instead opening a spectrum of new career doors was therefore something Charlotte Zetterlund started on. With over 20 years in the HR and human resources industry, she is positive about new ideas and believes that smart technology can be a good engine for positive change. So when Björn Elowson, CEO of JobAgent, contacted her, it was not long before the collaboration between the two companies was in full swing. “The setup was almost childishly simple, but the effect is huge! Instead of the candidates getting a short no, they now have the opportunity to be locked directly into JobAgent’s platform and have a number of other jobs presented to them. Jobs that fit their profile. ” tells Charlotte Zetterlund.

The setup was almost childishly simple, but the effect is huge!

Charlotte Zetterlund, HR Manager at MAX

The candidates that get a "no, thank you" are offered to register on JobAgent

The collaboration that Charlotte Zetterlund describes means that candidates who do not get a job at MAX are offered to register on JobAgent, a platform that works in the opposite way compared to what we are used to in the recruitment industry. At JobAgent, it is the candidate who is at the center, so instead of the candidate flipping through job advertisements, it is the job that looks for the candidate. This is done with the help of smart machine learning based on the candidate’s personality, driving forces and abilities. The arrangement may sound optimistic and almost unreal, but Björn Elowson explains how it is possible.

“When the candidate comes to JobAgent, he or she must create his or her own TalentAd, which can be compared to a CV but which also includes the candidate’s driving forces, skills and personal strengths. Through our algorithms, the candidate is then matched with all the jobs that are in our database and where these abilities are in demand. In this way, the candidate also gets a chance to enter completely new industries, which is often a step 22 when applying for a job with a regular CV. ” explains Björn Elowson.

JobAgent’s autogenerated digital resume – which we usually call TalentAd

JobAgent’s platform is thus based on certified personality tests and AI, all candidates are also kept anonymous to reduce the risk of discrimination. In addition to the benefits for the candidate, the platform also makes it easier for employers and recruiters. As everything happens automatically and since all candidates have the same design of their TalentAds, recruiters do not have to supplement with more tasks. In addition, the recruiter can easily weigh candidates against each other without adding personal values. This is something that Charlotte Zetterlund views positively.

“When I joined MAX almost five years ago, I immediately started setting up a completely new recruitment system. I realized how absurd it was that our candidates would send in the CV with merits when the majority of them had just graduated from school, they could not possibly have any experience to write there. In addition, it took an enormous amount of work for the restaurant managers to review all of these CVs. The new system is instead based on the fact that we want to ‘get to know’ the candidate through videos and tests. This has worked super well and I can really see similarities with the approach that JobAgent creates, ”says Charlotte Zetterlund.

The collaboration between JobAgent and MAX

The collaboration between MAX and JobAgent will initially revolve around taking advantage of candidates who have already applied for a job and received a no, but both parties are positive about developing the collaboration in the future to also include the start of the recruitment process. Björn Elowson describes that from JobAgent’s perspective, it feels extremely good to start this collaboration and looks forward to contributing to a positive ‘outboarding’ at MAX. He believes that Charlotte Zetterlund has managed to create something unique at MAX and that it is great to see how they are both driven by the same goal image.

“The whole idea of sending in the CV to describe what we have done before is very outdated. To be able to thrive in a workplace and do well, it is more a matter of describing where you want to be and what you are good at. These are exactly the parts that both we and MAX want to capture, ”explains Björn Elowson.

During times of corona, the pressure on applications at MAX has increased and Charlotte Zetterlund explains how the collaboration with JobAgent in this way came at just the right time and that it will hopefully give a greater hope to young people who are in the middle of job search.

Just because you do not get a job at MAX now does not mean that you can not get another exciting job. In addition, the chances increase that our paths cross again if the candidates register on JobAgent, which feels great! I look forward to seeing how the response from the candidates will be. ” concludes Charlotte Zetterlund.

Landing page for unsuccessful candidates at www.max.jobagent.s


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