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Skrivet av Björn Elowson

A few years ago I saw a whiteboard filled with arrows, circles, flows and the word artist written a little here and there.

It was Mats Wernheim who explained that Spotify was ingenious and that everyone listens to streamed music because it's just that simple. You search for an artist and vips so the songs are there. I agreed with the conclusion that Spotify is ingenious, I remember what it was like to go from buying CDs for 179 kr to having access to almost all music for 99 kr a month instead.

Since we both worked with matching and recruitment, we discussed the similarities between artists and talents. Then I began to understand what all the arrows on the whiteboard meant. An artist records his music, updates his info and shares all his data via streaming services, each song can be listened to infinitely many times, the data does not seem to end but it is reused (of course). A talent writes his CV, his personal letter and answers his tests. But you can only share your data once, i.e. to the recruiter or the recruiting manager. If you get the job, there is no major danger that you can not reuse your data, but everyone else then? Everyone who comes second, third, fourth, etc., they need to repeat all the steps in the recruitment process but with someone else. If you do not get the job number two, well then it's just to do the same thing again.

Där allt började - en skiss som beskriver hur rekrytering borde fungera - ungefär som Spotify.

You should be able to do the same with your career data

If we continue on the music parable but based on how recruitment is structured: Would it be likely that (for example) Ariana Grande wrote and published a song for you that only you can listen to and if you do not like it, she can not reuse it again? Probably not .. You should be able to do the same with your career data. Create it, update it if you want. Describe your potential and share the data on your terms. Then recruiters and recruiting managers should be able to find you as easily as you and I can find songs on Spotify and we can all listen to Ariana Grande at the same time and as many times as we like.

That's where JobAgent is® comes into the picture

It has been almost a year since we started building our platform and we have now gone live. We have received help from really good test providers who know how to measure potential, we have developed our own self-assessment that describes your personality in less than 1 min. We have implemented BankID so that you can feel safe with your data. We have developed a feature that can write a selling pitch about yourself completely automatically. We have made available approx. 80% of all Sweden's job advertisements where you as a talent can apply with your data. We have also created what we call a TalentAd - i.e. a really nice automatically created ad about yourself that contains everything from your personality to what skills you have and what jobs you are interested in. Soon we will also open up sheep recruiters and recruiting managers.

Our sharing service is thus built primarily for you as a job seeker, everything is free, you own your data, it is you who decides what you want to do with it and you can share it exactly how you want. Our hope is to turn the matching and recruitment industry upside down and give you the power as a job seeker. If you want to listen to music, you can buy an album for 179 kr, but you can also get access to almost all music for SEK 99 a month and it works because artists can share their data and you and I can find it. 

Imagine a future where matching and recruiting work in the same way, yes - we think it will be just that.


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