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Frida har jobbat som frilansdesigner under de senaste 3 åren genom hennes egna bolag. Man skulle nästan kunna säga att hon har en magisk kraft – allt som hon jobbar med blir grafiskt jättefint. Så tänk dig om någon skulle fråga henne “Vi har en superinnovativ plattform, kan du göra den extraordinärt fin och användarvänlig?”. Vi vet redan vad hon svarade..

Written by Frida Bredesen

Here is our list of links to informative and inspiring material within HR, technology, recruitment and the process of applying for a job. The list is alive, which means we update the list with new links regularly (and if you are sitting on really good material, feel free to send us your tips!). The list is divided into the following categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a category about ai, how it works and how it can help in recruitment and job search
  • Assessments - A category about tests in the recruitment processes
  • Bias & Diversity - A category about stereotypes and injustice in recruitment
  • Recruitment - a category with good resources for people who work within recruitment
  • Smart HR - a category for those who work in HR

Artificial Intelligence


Bias & diversity


Smart HR

Have we missed anything?

We are always open to learning new things. Do you know of an article you think we would like? Or maybe a really good lecture? Get in touch, and we may even add your tips to our list! If you have comments or thoughts about any of the existing links, you are also welcome to contact us, we would love to hear what you have to say. You can get in touch by sending a message to info@jobagent.se - we hope to hear from you!



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