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Hire a conductor as customer service manager?

A webinar on how to combine skills and potential when recruiting.

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Welcome to a webinar on how to match correctly in a data-driven way!

Could it be that a structured and persuasive conductor could actually be a top match as a customer service manager? Or a analytical restaurant manager could be a perfect recruitment as a project manager?

In this webinar, JobAgent & AON will together tell you how to combine skills with potential to create matches which we have not even thought of before.

In fact, you’re learning the job at work – we all know that! Therefore, a candidate who already knows the tasks will quickly become productive at work. But of course it is not enough just to know the tasks, the candidate must also have the potential to be truly successful.

Isn’t it time that we start thinking a little more broadly when we do our recruitments? The world is full of potential candidates who either actively seek jobs or want to change jobs but do not apply. Within the EU, we have an unemployment rate of 16 million individuals and as many as 140 million people who actively want to change professions. In our webinar we will talk about how you can specifically improve your selection but also how you can help increase mobility in the labor market. In the webinar we will also tell you about the concept of learnability – namely what is required to match broadly.

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When? March 25 at 09.00-09.45

Where? Online! You’ll get a link where you can watch the webinar when it’s time.

For whom? People who recruit or just want to know more about how technology can help create better matches.

You will meet



Björn Elowson

Leg. Psychologist
CEO & Founder JobAgent



Lena Bergqvist

Leg. Psychologist
Senior Consultant Aon Assessment Sweden



Emilia Blomqvist

Leg. Psychologist
Senior Consultant Aon Assessment Sweden

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