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Do you stream music?

For more than a year, we have been building our jobsearch sharing service. The initiative comes from our frustration about how poorly matching the labor market works. Dom flesta är säkert överens om att matchning såsom den ser ut idag kommer att digitaliseras och förändras precis som alla andra branscher. Se till musikindustrin som exempel, för inte särskilt länge sedan så ifrågasatte varken du eller jag det absurda i att gå till en skivbutik och köpa Absolut Music för 179 kr.

You stream music, and now it's time for recruiters to stream your career data!

A sneak-peak at JobAgent® TalentAd and TalentBoard

So what are we building?

When you are going to sell a bicycle, boat or whatever, there are a lot of marketplaces to choose from, but when I as an employee want to make myself available to the labor market, there is no specific marketplace. This is where JobAgent comes in!

We usually compare ourselves with Spotify but based on jobs instead of music. Spotify is a giant marketplace for artists, artists share their data (their songs) and music lovers find the songs. In the same way, JobAgent is a marketplace, but instead of sharing your music, you share information about yourself – for example, where you worked, your skills, your strengths and what types of jobs you are actually interested in.

All data is owned by you as an individual and you decide what should be searchable and what you want to put in your ad about yourself – we call it my TalentAd. And now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. You can share it outside of JobAgent, you can convert it into a nice CV with a link to yourself. At the same time you are also searchable for employers.

So imagine this: You own your data, you choose what should be searchable and what you want to present in your ad about you. Then search for recruiters and find you based on information that actually matters. Recruiters apply to you and you can choose whether you are interested in the job or not. So we make sure you are anonymous and secret and you get to decide which recruiter has the best offer. Pretty smart huh?

So what can you do as a job seeker in our platform?

It is entirely up to you what you want to do in the platform, you can choose to tell about where you previously worked, what skills you learned or why not just make a personality description that takes less than 1 min? You have three different “blocks” with information that you can easily respond to at exactly your pace.

You have three different "blocks" with information that you can easily respond to at exactly your pace:

Explore your potential

Here we have built a personality description that we call JobAgent® personality indicator. You can probably hear from the name that it gives you an indication of how you are as a person. You simply have to answer five questions about yourself where you choose statements that you think best describe you. JobAgent® personality indicator is based on what is usually called the five-factor model. It is the most widely used model for describing personality and means that people can be described based on five major personality traits.

When you answer a personality test, you usually get information based on these five which are: Openness (describes in principle how interested you are in new ideas and if you like to try new things), Work style (describes more or less how you behave to structure, planning and things like that), Extroversion (is about how much energy you get from meeting new people and if you like to chat, for example), Communication style (describes how you usually communicate with others, for example if you are very soft in your ways to express yourself or perhaps more directly) and finally Stability (this is about how you react to stress and pressure and if you are preparing for what could go wrong or if you are more happy-go-lucky).

So in most personality tests you need to answer maybe 100-250 questions and in your report you will see where you end up on these five personality traits (often you get much more than that but in general it is what you can read in your report). But since JobAgent® is for you and because you own your data then you should be able to decide how you describe yourself? That’s why we developed JobAgent® personality indicator which directly shows these five personality traits and you get to choose what you recognize yourself most with. So based on five questions, we give you your description of your personality. And if you do not recognize yourself in your results? Yes, but then you just have to answer it again, it’s actually your results and we think you know best how you are.

You can also answer large in-depth tests in our platform. We are not the ones who built these, but our partners have been kind enough to let us give them to you. Here you can answer a test that takes 15 minutes and describes in detail how you are as a person. You can download your test results and really delve into how you are and what you should think about and so on. You can also download a report that is about how you are as a leader and here you also get tips and tricks. In addition, there are also a number of problem-solving tests that you can answer if you want.

Do you think we seem to have a lot of things related to your potential? How nice! Because we think that you should have the opportunity to describe yourself based on how you really are, you are more than your title or your education. You are you!

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Your career

Here we have entered all the info that is about what you have done and what you can do. You have the opportunity to tell what jobs you have and have had and what skills you have learned. You can tell us which languages ​​you master and if you are good at both writing and speaking. You can upload any driving licenses, truck licenses and certificates of various kinds. Yes, more or less classic career data. But there is a twist here! We already know in advance which jobs are linked to different skills. This means that if you post that you have worked as an HR assistant, for example, then we assume that you probably know things like interviewing people, handling salary reports and things that HR assistants usually do. What does that mean for you then? Read under our AI and you will see =).

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What you really want

This block is about what’s important to you. Maybe there are certain jobs that you are extra interested in or a certain salary or maybe to work in a specific city? You simply post what is important to you when it comes to job offers. We use this to match you with what recruiters offer so that you get really good suggestions. On the one hand, we link it to 30,000+ job ads so that we can send you a message when a new job ad comes up that matches your requirements. But something that is even more important is that we match your preferences with recruiters’ searches in our database. This simply means that if, for example, you want to work as a salesperson, then you will be searchable if a recruiter is looking for a salesperson.

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Your killer pitch

Your killer pitch is an automatically generated selling text about yourself. Most people do not like to write selling texts about themselves and writing a personal letter is actually quite tricky. Your killer pitch solves it for you automatically. It describes you in a few sentences based on all the info you have entered regarding where you worked, what you want to work with, what skills you have and of course how you are as a person. It ends up at the top of your TalentAd and makes recruiters want to read more about you.

Your ad about yourself - your TalentAd

The hub of our platform is about you being able to describe yourself in a smart and simple way. That’s why we put your information in a really nicely designed ad about you. We call it your TalentAd. Remember that you are the one who owns it so you do exactly what you want with it. You can send it to recruiters if you are actively looking for a job, you can post it on social media if you want to market yourself and of course recruiters can find you based on all your info that you put in your TalentAd. You can compare your TalentAd with a nice CV but much much smarter. And you know what? You never have to do anything again, you have all your data in your TalentAd.

Your CV

This is actually the same as your TalentAd stuck in a pdf. So now you can ignore designing your resume and you do not have to think about what should be included or not. You can download your TalentAd as a PDF and then you can send it wherever you want, recruiters can then click on a link in your pdf and vips so they are in your TalentAd.

Smart AI that helps match the right talent with the right job

If you are a little more technically interested, you have probably already thought about how we make matches in the platform. Here’s how: All your data that you upload is searchable (except for your contact information of course). Overall, this means that we use four different types of datasets when we match recruiters and jobs with you:

So if you are going to summarize our algorithms, we have simply thought like this: It should be simple at the same time as you should get really smart matches. We also think that AI should be transparent, so we are happy to tell you how it works.

The future

We fill the platform all the time with a lot of good things. For example, you will soon be able to get career tips and a plan to reach your dream jobs. So you will be able to ask our smart AI “How do I become an HR manager?” or “What should I do to increase my salary?” and we will be able to give you a clear path forward. You will also be able to get automatic tips where we tell you which jobs you already know but may never have thought of before! But all that – it will come a little later. Now it’s time to match you with a job!

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