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We are coding and coding and coding. But we are on the move… So in a couple of months from now:  We will launch!


Worrying about metrics like time-to-hire, drop out rates or candidate experience? So what would happen to all these super important KPI:s if you applied to candidates instead? Like if you could search on hard skills, preferences and psychometric data and then ask for contact? Like a TalentBoard where you apply to talents?  Yep, that´s what we are creating here.


Tired of sending your resumé, cover letter and assessment scores into a black box database? So, imagine if you could save all your recruitment data and use it to create your own TalentAd – an ad about yourself. Recruiters would have to apply to you. You are the owner of the data after all, shouldn´t you be the one in charge? That´s why we are doing this – for you!
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