Terms of use

Last updated: 2021-01-30

JobAgent i Skandinavien AB, (corporate identity number 559080-3374) hereinafter referred to as “JobAgent”, provides a Marketplace for Recruitment and Career Guidance (the “Service”). The Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and any Additional Agreements (the ”Terms”) state the terms that apply to the Service.

By registering a company account with JobAgent (the ”Account”) and accepting the Terms, the user of this Account automatically becomes a customer (the ”Company”) and bound by this agreement. “Company” refers to the registered company, group company or companies related through ownership structures.

Those who have registered and use the service to obtain employment, assignments or career guidance are hereinafter referred to as ”Candidates” and in connection with registration approve the Terms.

”User” means the Candidate, the Company or anyone else who uses the Service and is thus bound by the Terms of Use.

Assignment refers to all commitments performed by a candidate for remuneration, regardless of the form of the assignment.

In the Agreement, JobAgent, the Candidate or the Company may individually and be referred to as ”Party” or ”Parties”.


To be allowed to use the Service as a User, you must be 18 years of age or older, and have the right to enter into a binding agreement with JobAgent. By using the Service, it is confirmed that you are 18 years or older, and have the right to enter into an agreement between JobAgent and the Company.


JobAgent provides a brokerage service where Companies are given the opportunity to contact Candidates through inquiries, or be contacted by Candidates. In cases where Candidates choose to accept a contact request, Company approves an application or approves an unlocking of the profile carried out by JobAgent (Commonly called ”accepted request”), the Candidate’s complete profile for the Company is displayed which is given the opportunity to continue dialogue for a possible employment or for further assignments.

In the event of a special agreement with JobAgent, JobAgent can find candidates and create inquiries on behalf of the Company.


Fees and payment terms

According to JobAgent, the cost of using the Service for Companies is a standard monthly payment of SEK 990 per month and the opportunity to purchase additional test reports from specific candidates at a standard cost of SEK 250 / report. Companies have the option of an alternative payment model of SEK 250 per Accepted Inquiry instead of a monthly subscription and with the option to purchase additional test reports of SEK 250 / report. For larger company subscriptions with many users, the price is based on agreement. Monthly subscription counts as 30 days starting immediately. At s.k. Free Trail gives Companies access to the Service free of charge for 30 days or 10 Accepted Inquiries.

Example payment monthly subscription

Company X chooses a monthly subscription for 2 users. 100 Accepted Inquiries take place over 30 days. Of these Accepted Requests, users download a total of 10 test reports. Total payment for this month will therefore be:

Monthly payment: SEK 990 per user

Accepted Requests: SEK 0 per accepted request

Downloaded test reports: 250SEK per report

Total payment: SEK 4,480

Example payment accepted requests

Company X chooses to pay per accepted request for 2 users. 100 Accepted Inquiries take place over 30 days. Of these Accepted Requests, users download a total of 10 test reports. Total payment for this month will therefore be:

Monthly payment: 0 SEK per user

Accepted Inquiries: SEK 250 per accepted inquiry

Downloaded test reports: 250SEK per report

Total payment: SEK 27,500

Payment for monthly subscription

If a Company does not complete its monthly subscription, the subscription will continue indefinitely. The company has the option of a 14-day right of withdrawal if the Service has not been used during this time.

Payment at Accepted Inquiries

A Company does not have the right to withdraw inquiries, debit is counted when an inquiry is sent.

General rules

Fees and payment terms

All fees are in Swedish kronor and excluding VAT. The invoice must be paid within 30 days from the invoice date.

If there is anything in the terms that you do not agree with, close your account and stop using JobAgent.


JobAgent is not responsible for information, contacts and recruitments provided on the Website through the Service. JobAgent is not responsible for any employment or assignment agreements entered into between the Candidate and the Company.

The Company undertakes to ensure that all information that the Company has about a particular Candidate is immediately deleted when it is not needed for the purpose for which it was obtained or if the Candidate or JobAgent so requests.

Users are responsible for all information that is communicated or disseminated through the Service, such as company information, profile information and messages, etc.

Content uploaded or linked by the User must, in applicable parts, comply with the following:

  • The content does not contravene Swedish law and other applicable laws or regulations.
  • The content does not infringe the rights of another person or company, including intellectual property rights and privacy.

JobAgent is not responsible for direct, indirect or other damage to person or property or loss that may affect the Company and its users or third parties which is due to the Service, use of or errors, such as interruptions, in the Service or the information transmitted with the Service. The service is provided ”as is” without any warranties.

JobAgent provides the Service provided that JobAgent can exclude all forms of guarantees regarding operation, safety and other conditions. JobAgent takes no responsibility, and does not issue any guarantees for the results based on the use of the Service, the security of the Service, or for meeting requirements of JobAgent.

JobAgent is not responsible for messages or the consequence that messages do not arrive.

JobAgent has the right to restrict access to the Service for shorter periods of time for performing maintenance and updates.


The agreement runs until further notice from the date of approval of the Agreement. The parties have the right to terminate this Agreement and the Service until immediate termination. Following termination of the Agreement, the Terms and Conditions regarding the previous use of the Service will continue. JobAgent has the right to terminate the Agreement if the Service is abused, the assessment of any abuse is made unilaterally by JobAgent.


JobAgent processes personal information about the User in connection with the use of the Service. The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Changes to the Terms may occur. If you oppose any change, you can close your account. Your continued use of the Services after we publish or send you notice of changes to these terms means that you accept the changed terms.



JobAgent reserves the right to transfer all or part of its obligations and rights under this User Agreement to another company that is wholly or partly, directly or indirectly owned by JobAgent or to a third party in the event of a business transfer.

Force majeure

JobAgent has no obligation for compensation or other liability if JobAgent can show that error or damage is due to circumstances beyond JobAgent’s control that JobAgent could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account when the agreement was reached and whose consequences JobAgent could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

Applicable law

Should any part of this Agreement be declared invalid, the remaining portions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

The agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and regulated by Swedish law.

Disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be finally settled in Stockholm District Court, Sweden, as the first instance.